The International Discord Model United Nations (otherwise known as IDMUN) is one of the largest online Model UNs. Founded in 2019, it has rapidly grown and is now known from Italy to Canada to Australia and all over the world!

IDMUN was created on November 15th, 2019 as Model United Nations (MUN) Conference hosted online, on the free Discord online messenger platform. It is one of the largest online Model UNs, and is accessible here.

IDMUN strives to make MUN free and accessible for all. It has numerous members from all around the globe, and prides itself over its international outlook.

The IDMUN Board

Nicholas T.
Founder & Secretary-General

Nicholas is the founder of IDMUN. He is an avid economics student, and dedicated MUNer who founded IDMUN in November of 2019.

Claudia S.
Deputy Secretary-General

Claudia is a board member of IDMUN. She serves as the founder and president of her school’s Model UN team. Outside of MUN, she enjoys literature and philosophy.