IDMUN India: Debating with Democrats

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.”

It is time to panegyrize to the young leaders across the world… International Discord Model UN is now in India! Scrunched between two lines of the wish list of a passionate MUNer lies the dream to connect the entire world… to revolutionize with like minds of different nationalities, and to walk hand in hand with them to the epitome of world peace. IDMUN caters to the wishes of young curious minds. The unique interests of this initiative sets IDMUN apart from the rest, and it will help to set you apart from the crowd! By working online, IDMUN promises quality debate to all young minds! Also, who does not love a good bargain? Well you are in for a treat because IDMUN is free! Conducted using Discord, this investment promises only profit! Taking a step towards globalization, IDMUN accommodates all delegates. Although taking place in the Indian time zone, IDMUN encourages every and all students and diplomats around the world to pitch in for a healthy international community. What more? IDMUN has conducted over 10 MUN Conferences and imparts quality debates to more than 800 delegates worldwide. A perfect opportunity to hone your skills and meet new people! Get ready for the much awaited IDMUN India: Debating with Democrats!